O’Keefe Inspired Watercolors

EQ: Where do artists gather inspirationI’m not going to lie. Watercolors are deceptively tricky. Over the years, I’ve learned I really need to teach watercolors as a whole unit.We begin with the very basics. How to get the colors ready, use the palette, use the brush, and not hold the palette sideways when putting away!ThenContinue reading “O’Keefe Inspired Watercolors”

Pencil Surrealist Drawing

EQ: What makes Surrealism so Surreal? TSWAT identify a piece of surreal art.TSWBAT analyze, evaluate, and interpret a Surrealist Art Piece.TSWBAT modify, tranform, scale, and distort a pencil to fit the contour of a selected image. Scale: Changing an object’s scale, or relative size. Levitation:Floating objects that don’t normally float Juxtaposition:Joining two images together in impossible combinationsContinue reading “Pencil Surrealist Drawing”

6th Grade Optical Art

LearningTargets:The student will: – Identify and create artwork based on the elements of art and on the principles of art. – Demonstrate through their artwork how to use the elements of art to show movement and express feelings. – Recognize, compare and use different media to create their artwork. – Develop a respect and appreciation for the artwork of artists, including classmates’ art. – RecognizeContinue reading “6th Grade Optical Art”

Educating for Careers

I had the fantastic opportunity to present with our CTE team at the Educating for Careers Conference in Sacramento. We discussed how we grew our CTE middle school program from 1 CTE course to 5. We now offer courses in Robotics, Coding, Health, Engineering, and of course, my favorite Digital Design.I also had the opportunityContinue reading “Educating for Careers”

Word Art – Digital Design Class/CTE

After looking at professional logo designs that used words to create an image, students chose nouns to turn into literal word art. Students began first with an exploration of thumbnails. Then, they collaborated to refine, modify and edit their designs. Students took photos of their designs using Photo Booth, imported them into Adobe AI, placedContinue reading “Word Art – Digital Design Class/CTE”

One Point Perspective Rooms – CTE Graphic Design

One of the very first things we do in our Graphic Design class after becoming familiar with Photoshop and how to import and download images creates a Dream Bedroom. What’s nice about this project is that the students already understand how to create perspective from their beginning art course. This lesson focused on: Importing aContinue reading “One Point Perspective Rooms – CTE Graphic Design”

One-Point Perspective Names

One point perspective can be a challenge to teach. The vocabulary can be daunting, and interest soon fa One point perspective can be a challenge to teach. The vocabulary can be daunting, and interest soon fades. I found grid paper a great way to help calm the anxieties of drawing a straight line. Also, namesContinue reading “One-Point Perspective Names”